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Goodnight Hospitality

Goodnight Hospitality | David Keck and Felipe Riccio styled by Saks Fifth Avenue


Houston's Men on the Move

By Mimi Faucett Trahan

Photography by Candace Moore


From a Texas piano man to the mastermind behind Houston’s new 4,000-acre economic center, these dynamic gents are putting a unique stamp on the bayou city.


The three male partners of Goodnight Hospitality have made a name for themselves on the local and national food and beverage scene with buzzy Montrose honky-tonk Goodnight Charlie’s.

The boys have added a fourth partner—Austin’s June Rodil—and they are expanding their portfolio to include three new concepts this year: March, Montrose Cheese & Wine and Rosie Cannonball.

DAVID KECK “The success of Goodnight Charlie’s has felt like the beginning of an era, ushering in more live music to Houston and providing a location for musicians to play, grow and launch their careers. … The year ahead is superexciting and mildly terrifying. … We have some outstanding people coming on board to help in the process, and we are about to dive full-force into hiring—that’s one of my favorite aspects of what is to come. We are a company built upon the talents of the individuals working with us, and as that group grows, so does the potential of Goodnight Hospitality. … I think Rosie Cannonball will be the pulse of the new concepts. March is going to be an exciting place to push boundaries and Montrose Cheese & Wine will be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood and a surprisingly dynamic space, but Rosie will tie it all together.”

FELIPE RICCIO “I am in charge of the food programs at the upcoming projects as well as at Goodnight Charlie’s. I will directly lead the charge at March. Montrose Cheese & Wine will showcase the idea of highly curated selections with knowledgeable staff behind them; Rosie Cannonball speaks to the joyful soul of our dinner tables, providing a constant high standard and delicious food; March will display our thirst for knowledge and exploration, but will always keep the focus on the uniqueness of the moment for our guests. … I have a special place in my heart for March, but I have a feeling Montrose Cheese & Wine is going to be the sleeper hit.”

PETER MCCARTHY “It’s meaningful to create spaces and concepts that push people’s notions of hospitality. Whether that is through food, drink, service or design, we are always focused on how to best serve our customers. All three of these [new] concepts are exciting in their own way, but seeing how people react to Felipe’s food and David’s service and wine list at March is going to be amazing. … We’ve been working on this development for almost five years now, so it’s exciting to see it finally come to fruition.”  

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis | photo by Alexandra Valenti


The Houston-area native suits up, channeling legends like Liberace and Elton John for his new album, Texas Piano Man.

On the heels of a boozy collab with 8th Wonder Brewery, the handsome crooner is heading out across the United States on tour for the buzzy new album.

“I’m from Lake Jackson originally, but moved to Houston when I was a teenager. I moved away when I was 25 and eventually ended up in Austin, where I think I’ll be for the rest of my life. … I’ve been performing since I was a kid—my mother was a piano player. I made my first record when I was 17 or 18. … Texas Piano Man is piano-driven power pop from Texas. The album is a continuation of what I’ve done before in terms of songwriting. There are story songs; there’s humor in the music. But more so than on any of my other records, there’s levity. It’s a fun record to listen to. … When you sit down to play an instrument, whether you like it or not, you have the history of music within you and within the instrument. When you sit down to write rock ’n’ roll music on a piano, there’s no way to not nod to people like Elton John, Leon Russell and Billy Joel. For this album, the songwriting influences weren’t as direct as the aesthetic influences. The whole look and concept was based around Liberace. … The Texas Piano Man is an entertainer. When I put on the tux, I suddenly have a whole different set of energies. As Robert Ellis, I’m a little bit insecure, but the Texas Piano Man doesn’t have any of that. The Texas Piano Man always finds his light.”


After a decade of working in the high-end furniture industry (Roche Bobois, Internum, Knoll), Cook prepares to go solo.

His new contemporary lighting and furniture showroom, Shop, opens its chic doors in the Decorative Center this month.

“My own design style is very much about clean, reductive lines. I like to play with hard and soft materials and textures. You’ll definitely see that reflected in Shop. … The space is 2,500 square feet. It’s minimalist, contemporary and luxurious at the same time, with high-end materials and cutting-edge designs. … Walter K, which is from a small town outside of Stuttgart, is one of my anchor brands. … So is the Canadian lighting brand Bocci, which is how Shop got started. I was so passionate about the line, I sent Bocci a few sketches, and the idea grew from there. … A few years ago you could count on one hand the number of contemporary design showrooms in Houston, and now it’s really burgeoned—there’s a market for it. It’s becoming more accepted, and there’s a deeper appreciation for the aesthetic. I’m excited to show a new facet of that, that people haven’t seen yet.”

Kelly Wolf

Kelly Wolf


In February, Wolf was promoted to president of indiGO Auto Group, an ultraluxury dealer group that represents 10 brands across the country (think Porsche, Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini).

Now, with the titles of president and chief operating officer, and 18 years of luxury automotive experience, the Texas native is revved up to take indiGO to the next level.

“I’ve been with indiGO going on nine years now, since the beginning. We are one of the few auto groups that focus strictly on luxury and highline vehicles—it’s what we are good at. … We’ve grown from just one Porsche store to three: Porsche North Houston, Porsche St. Louis and Porsche Palm Springs, Calif. … In the fall, we completed our North Houston campus, which includes a 67,000-square-foot Porsche facility, and a new Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce facility. Not every city has a campus like this—it is really cool. … I go in every day and try to look at our business from a customer’s point of view. I’m excited to be able to focus on operational excellence, to fine-tune what we have so that we can provide not only an exciting buying experience, but also an exciting ownership experience for our clients. … When you come here, it’s all about luxury; it’s all about fun; it’s all about exciting cars—a destination that’s well worth the drive.”

The Houston native and president of family-owned McCord Development is spearheading Generation Park—the largest master-planned economic center in Houston (4,000 acres!).

McCord continues to watch his and his father’s vision come to life from his office located in the development.
“McCord Development has been around for over 40 years, and Generation Park has been our focus for the last few [years]. During this time, our understanding of its significance—not only to us, but to Houston—has really matured. This is not just some parcel of land that we bought at a great price over the years; this is an incredible opportunity. We view ourselves as having a moral obligation to develop the land that makes up Generation Park in a manner that makes people think more highly of Houston. We are developing the most significant new employment district in the region, and we get to learn from all the greats who have come before us. … I’m not done evolving as a leader. Coming out of corporate America, you can be very metric-driven. As I’ve been in this role longer, my philosophy has been to look at our team holistically, as human beings, with a people-first mentality, and to help our employees reach their full potential, whether it’s within our organization or outside of it. … One of the things that I’m most excited about is that we are under construction on a mixed-use apartment building with ground-floor retail space. The leasing office is right across the way from my office; I plan to spend a lot of time over there just meeting and getting to know the folks who have decided to call Generation Park home.”