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Hearts of the Home
By Elaine Markoutsas and Andrea Mills | October 1, 2018

Work of Art
An unpredictable kitchen design has a pedigree worthy of its own gallery.

Mick De Giulio knows a thing or two about...

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For the Love of Art
By Zlata Kozul Naumovski | October 1, 2018

It may take a village to raise a child, but it took a team of four art installers, one art consultant and one interior designer to direct the installation of a real estate broker’s significant art collection into a 3,100-...

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Full House
By Kerrie Kennedy | October 1, 2018

When Patricia Kocour and her husband, Mike Week, decided to head back to the city after 20 years in Hinsdale, they had two very specific goals. They wanted an urban environment that was cool enough to keep the kids coming around—their son...

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Clear Vision
By Tate Gunnerson | October 1, 2018

Change is a fact of life in a vibrant metropolis like Chicago. It was just a few decades ago that cargo trains rumbled along the Bloomingdale Line—a section of tracks in Bucktown. Today, the elevated tracks have been transformed into The 606...

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The Art of Reflection
By Andrea Mills | October 1, 2018


“Our earth is only one polka dot among a million stars in the cosmos,” said artist Yayoi Kusama in 1968. Her infinity-mirror room installation, “Let’s Survive Forever,” is on loan from a...

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Art With Heart
By Andrea Mills | October 1, 2018


How did you get your start in product design?
I grew up in Oak Lawn, and every weekend we would go to the city and do something cultural, so I spent a lot of time at the Art Institute of Chicago. I always wanted...

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Dream World
By Stephanie Davis Smith | October 1, 2018

Light streaming through grooved slats of wood to resemble a forest’s canopy, copious greenery tucked into overhangs, mossy AstroTurf tiles intermixed with smooth alabaster flooring—in true California living style, the...

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Built to Last
Laura Eckstein Jones | October 1, 2018


Why was Knoll considered revolutionary when it launched in the late ’30s?
Hans and Florence Knoll and their many...

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True Colors
By Andrea Mills | July 16, 2018

“When we get a chance to push color boundaries, we are at our happiest,” says designer Summer Thornton of her namesake firm, Summer Thornton Design. For the new...

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This is Us
By Kerrie Kenned | July 16, 2018

When you’re an in-demand interior designer like Sarah Vaile, it’s hard to find the time to renovate your own home, much less make major life changes. But Vaile and her husband were ready to start a family, so renovating was a must. Wisely...

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By Tate Gunnerson | July 16, 2018

Too much of a good thing can be a mixed blessing, and that was definitely the case when the newly minted owner of an elegant condo in a 1920s-era Gold Coast building began following her favorite interior designers and tastemakers on Instagram....

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Home Run
By Thomas Connors and Andrea Mills | July 16, 2018

Past and present rule in this spacious home.

Located on the original top floor of the former Montgomery Ward building on the Chicago River, unit 950 of 900 N. Kingsbury is a three-bedroom, 41/2...

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