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Double Duty

For Mitchell Gold, this spring brings color—and a continued commitment to giving back.


“We have a great location,” says Mitchell Gold of his sprawling Miami Design District showroom, “but more importantly, the aesthetic of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Home is so on target with how people in South Florida are living.” And giving: The showroom hosted the kickoff for Housing Works’ Design on a Dime 2018, the annual designer event that supports people living with HIV/AIDS and homelessness.

But then, design and philanthropy have long been intertwined throughout Gold’s life, and he’s quick to credit the mentors who have supported and guided him. There was the rabbi he knew who helped liberate the concentration camps during World War II—and who counseled Gold “that you have to keep your eye out for other people.” And there was his former boss Lester Gribetz, the revered then-vice chairman of Bloomingdale’s, who famously remade a commodity-heavy housewares department into a fashionable venue.

Gold took a page from that and created his own fashionable showrooms: The company, which launched in 1989, has 33 stores, most prominently the two-year-old Miami location. He says that spring will usher in color: “We don’t do many primary colors, but we do a raspberry instead of a red, and mix it with soft blues and creamy whites. So we’ve got a lot of new interesting colors from the products to the accent pillows. We’ve dressed the white Franco sectional with the perfect pillows—incredible bursts of color and patterns.” He knows his clientele—and enjoys their rarefied world.

Meanwhile his advocacy continues. When Gold isn’t overseeing his brand’s marketing, sales and production, he’s promoting the Tyler Clementi Foundation, the nonprofit that advocates for vulnerable LGBT populations. He hopes to inspire other design leaders just as his eyes were opened to the value of giving back many years ago. “Now I say to people who are getting somewhere that they have a little responsibility to help out.”