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Southern Territory

For Eduardo Cosentino, executive vice president of global sales for Cosentino Group and CEO of Cosentino North America, the time to plant multiple flags in Miami is now.

Eduardo Cosentino is the son of Cosentino Group President Francisco Cosentino and became CEO of Cosentino in 2010. 


"History and versatility are important to me. From my family I learned the importance of having a diverse team, all with different strengths and skills. From the beginning I embraced their integrity and commitment to innovation. Here’s our story: In 1979, my father took over my grandfather’s small workshop in Almeria, Spain. At this time, they had a mere 17 employees, who dedicated their time to marble processing the nearby quarries. With his two brothers, my father wanted to expand the business. He understood that they could not be limited to processing a single type of stone. That led them to experiment with different technologies, and to develop a product using the remnants from natural stone production. At last we introduced Silestone, our natural quartz line, in 1991, and Dekton, our ultracompact surface, in 2012. Today, the U.S. represents more than 60 percent of our sales. I am very proud to be stewarding the vision of both my father and grandfather in North America. The design scene in Miami is fast-growing and forward-thinking, so it made sense to relocate our North American headquarters to Coral Gables and open the Cosentino City Miami Center in the heart of the Design District. I believe that style is influenced by culture, and while I look to Italy as the country that sets design trends, Miami is a hallmark of design for the world’s most prestigious designers and architects. That is perfect for us. Cosentino has more than 4,000 employees in 82 countries around the world. I believe they are the ones who keep this business thriving.” 3898 Biscayne Blvd.