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Upon Greater Reflection

For the fifth anniversary of Interiors South Florida, design leaders celebrate our tropical lifestyle by giving some of their favorite indoor pieces some air, and recalling their own creative and personal milestones of the last half decade.

Holger Odenstein & Fernan Hernandez
Principals, MORADA-Haute Furniture Boutique

"The last five years have been the journey of our dreams, personally and professionally. We got married and we developed our beloved Morada-Haute Furniture Boutique, launching the brand in Miami. Our Nube Royal (Royal Cloud) chaise is our latest creation, crystallizing our unique design proposition and showing the expertise and diligence of our Italian craftsmanship. The piece is made from metal with copper finish and Italian leather, and it’s available in 10 different metal finishes and a vast selection of leathers, Nabuk and Luxleathers. Where can you better live your dreams than on a Royal Cloud?” Price upon request. Photographed at the designers’ Miami Beach home 

Elizabeth Potter
Showroom director, Internum

"This year I celebrate my five-year anniversary with Baxter and Internum—the same milestone as that of my friends at Interiors South Florida magazine! Each of these years I’ve been lucky to live a love story—of design, emotion and honoring authentic beauty. I selected this Baxter cabinet, Plisse, for its strength, its elegance, the delicate edge and utter uniqueness that is Baxter and that resonates so strongly for me.” Price upon request. Photographed in Palm Court, Design District (background: Esteban Rosales Davila, logistics support) 

Marcel Menegolla & Jon Fante
COO (Menegolla); Founder/CEO (Fante)

"Since its inception, we knew that Armazem Design concept would represent a big step for both of our careers and personal lives. Armazem’s Pantosh armchair represents the expansion of our business, as we have evolved from a single-brand cabinetry business in 2013 to a true lifestyle experience showroom. It’s also one of our favorite products because of its ingenious design and outstanding craftsmanship. The idea of combining two classics—the Panton chair (1968) and the Willow chair (1904)—in a single product is deeply connected to our brand’s promise to offer ever-evolving products. The chair’s designers have said that the Pantosh embodies the concept of ‘cultural anthropophagy,’ launched in Brazil by Oswald de Andrade in 1928. It’s the notion of devouring the colonial culture and transforming it into something Brazilian and revolutionary.” Pantosh armchair $1,990, Tress Grande LED lamp $3,632. Photographed in Flamingo Park, South Beach 

Brett & Giselle Sugerman
Principals, B+G Design

"Since we were featured on the cover of the inaugural issue of Modern Luxury Interiors South Florida five years ago, we’ve continued to develop the B+G brand, while thinking more about our future lives. As we’ll be empty nesters in just three years, we’re planning how to spend more time (and possibly living part of the year) abroad. Launching the B+G Collection for Grafton Furniture, of which our Embrace sofa is a part, was one step toward achieving this dream. Another has been strengthening our friendships with a number of other local interior designers, with whom we share the joys and frustrations of our crazy industry. Together, we all hope to leverage our talents and passion for design to take the next steps not only in our careers, but in our personal lives, as well.” $9,650. Photographed at the designers’ Fort Lauderdale home 

Diana Uribe & David Miranda
Principals, DIDA Home

"Seven years ago, we created DIDA: ‘DI’ from Diana and ‘DA’ from David. We quickly learned that the deep connection that we have as true colleagues and friends comes from balancing and complementing each other perfectly. Rather than trying to create one signature look, we like to channel our individual strengths to tailor to our clients’ wants and needs. Even though every one of our projects is different, they all have the DIDA touch. Our new venture is our just-opened Miami showroom, our first furniture store, with 27 brands exclusively curated by us. Of all the pieces in our shop, we chose the Super Fake cc-tapis rug, a side table by Gallotti&Radice and a custom Natural Kidassia goat hair chair, because they can be easily incorporated into any style, but most importantly, they all have a little ‘DI’ and a little ‘DA.’” Prices upon request. Photographed in Lummus Park, South Beach 

Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque
Interior designer & art dealer

"Over the last five years of my professional career, I’ve been brought back to what I came to Miami to do. After a decade focusing on furniture and interior design in NYC, I’m back pursuing my passion: representing artists and doing interiors at the same time. In order to look ahead, I have to reflect on what I learned from past experiences. I joined the online world with my startup, The Art Design Project, which has over 20 artists and photographers from all around the world. Meanwhile, I still take on interior design projects for my loyal local and international clients. I adore how Interiors South Florida has supported local designers and artists, and has become a reference for everyone that visits South Florida. I chose to be photographed with the deiNERI stand, which displays the artwork of Natasha Zupan. I believe that the face is looking forward to sunny and positive days.” Price upon request. Photographed in Surfside