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Best of the Best in Manhattan

“Making Me Wait” Camomile Hixon
Be it on Broadway or a black-tie affair at the library, Manhattan's stock of events for the arts never runs dry.
5 Pop-Up Surprises in Manhattan Holiday Market in Union Square
These holiday markets, which aren’t stocking your run-of-the-mill holiday trinkets, forgo the traditional for the unique.
New Yorkers never tire of Prohibition-era-style drinking. The quality of the booze has certainly improved in the decades since, while the thrill of locating a speak-easy’s hidden entrance, knowing the right secret stairway and emerging into a glamorous cocktail den remains as strong as ever. Here, a few of our favorite new and old haunts.
Manhattan's Top Rooftops
Kick back with a cocktail on plush furniture and watch the sunset at one of these rooftops, and see the city skyline light up as it gets dark.
Manhattan's Top New Restaurants
Grab a table at one of these hot new Manhattan spots, and enjoy the delicious fare that's putting these places on the map.