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  It’s 9am and ’70s funk is reverberating down a tree-lined block of suburban Palo Alto. The twang of an electric... More»


  Just two weeks after Stacy Drazan first discovered that her teenage daughter, Shelby, a student at Sacred Heart Preparatory... More»


  Tap, tap, tap. Chris Downey, wearing the suit-and-sneakers uniform of an architect and carrying the cane of a blind person,... More»


  This story is part of the March feature "Blind People Don’t Need Your Help—They Need Better Design." ... More»


  Sam De Brouwer hands me a sleek device about the size and shape of a makeup compact. Called the... More»


  Ken DeLeon’s gray tweed vest matches the cabinets. That’s planned. So are the Asian noodles in the tiny takeout... More»


FROM THE EDITORS: At 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 6, we were putting the finishing touches on a 4,400-word... More»


  Along the quiet, manicured streets of Palo Alto, ... More»


  It’s another blindingly sunny day in Silicon Valley, inside yet another low-slung, stale-aired hacker hostel, and... More»

Ellen Pao

  Late one afternoon in March, when the jury was out and the lawyers were bickering about something or other, Ellen Pao opened... More»

Travis Kalanick

  Travis Kalanick is trying really hard to sit still. You can tell by the way that he clasps and unclasps his hands under the... More»