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Whether your trip involves relaxing or exploring, these tech-powered products are sure to come in handy.


Thync energy-altering wearable, $199, helps you re- or de-energize when you’re traveling across time zones.

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Automatic adapter, $100, makes your car smarter, helping it stay safe and connected during road trips.

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Glyph personal theater device, $699, provides endless entertainment on the plane, train or backseat.

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LithiumCard Pro hypercharger, $70, ensures that you never run out of power.

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Canary complete home security system, $199, keeps an eye on your home while you’re away.

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TrackR Bravo device, $30, minimizes the risk of losing your passport, hotel key, phone and more.

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“Today, technology enables us to travel more comfortably and connected, no matter where we are or where we’re going,” says Phillip Raub, co-founder and CMO of b8ta, a retail showroom for emerging tech and IoT products. Case in point: The gadgets he’s rounded up, which are worth checking out before your next getaway. All are available for folks to test-drive at b8ta.

b8ta, 516 Bryant St., Palo Alto, 650.382.3821


Originally published in the May issue of Silicon Valley

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